Palate training – can I get better at ‘tasting’?

by thefatbanker on June 10, 2009 · 3 comments

Recently, I’ve been thinking about ways I might try and improve my palate. My interest was peaked after I read a post or article somewhere (sorry, can’t find it at the mo) about a restaurant critic who practiced identifying different spices through blind-tests in a bid to improve his ability to identify ingredients. I wondered if I might try something similar; the ability to more accurately identify certain tastes can only help in my journey through all things gastro, surely?

The article also got me to thinking about whether it possible to actually become better at tasting itself

The article also got me to thinking about whether it possible to actually become better at tasting itself, as opposed to just being better at identifying those things one tastes. I don’t intend to dwell on the semantics here (snooore!) but I do think there is a difference. Improving my tasting ability should be accomplishable through rote practice, but can I actually train to enhance my taste experience?

I’d be keen to hear anyone’s thoughts on this idea, or on any methods that other’s have tried to improve their palate, however crazy they might be…

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  1. thefatbanker says:

    I mean, you often read foodie buffs complementing each other in terms of he or she having a great palate – but what do they mean by this? Does this mean that these so blessed are simply better at identifying flavours, the matching of a taste to recollection of the source of such previously experienced tastes (something that can be learnt)? Or, is there something more etheral about this quality, that suggests an ability to appreciate a taste more, or make more refined decisions in terms of flavour combinations etc?

  2. Andrew says:

    Sing! The vibrations will, over time, make your palate more sensitive to stimulation and allow you to become a more discerning taster.

  3. thefatbanker says:

    Andrew – you’re kidding? I had no idea, and if this is true it’s great news…although those who now have to endure my extra reditions of Britney Spears from the shower might not agree!

    Thanks for the comment.

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